Current situation

Based in Augsburg, the Hessing Foundation is one of the most important and best known centres for orthopaedics in South Germany. As shown in an independent study, some 1000 people work for the Hessing Foundation and are more satisfied and motivated than others working in comparable establishments. This is just one of the contributory factors for the high level of satisfaction among patients and the basis for the guaranteed commercial success of the Hessing Foundation.

The Hessing Foundation has always met this challenge. In the last 10 years in particular, the Foundation has continued to expand its range of services to become a one-stop medical centre providing orthopaedic treatment for every age group and at all levels of care. There are very few centres in Germany which have a comparable infrastructure. Clear indications of the success of this strategy include the steadily increasing numbers of patients and growing turnover.

International Patient Service

Assistance with Visa, admission, hotel accommodation, treatment plan and cost estimates is the basis of our service.

Additionally, our kitchen prepares meals in the tradition of Islamic, Arabic cooking. Naturally our cooks strictly observe the instructions of Islamic teaching (Halal).

English-speaking members of staff are on hand to take care of your requirements and make your appointments for examination and treatment.

The rooms are fully furnished, with separate bath/WC, links for satellite TV for reception of Arabic programmes, telephone and Internet connection. If you wish, additional fittings can be installed.

NB: We can provide furnished guest apartments for relatives of patients.

Patient Transfer

Patient transfer involving international partners is without doubt the largest and most important area of cooperation for the Hessing Foundation. In our centres, patients are treated in accordance with their own high expectations which we aim to meet but which, for technical or capacity-related reasons, cannot be met as they would wish in their country of origin. Our Patient Management Team is on hand to deal with all the organisational and language-related problems.

At present the most frequent operations are knee and hip joint replacements and spinal operations. However, the specialist skills on offer at the Hessing Foundation Clinics also include the treatment of children and young people with congenital deformities and operations using the most sophisticated technology, such as computer navigation or cartilage cell procedures (ACT).

The costs for performances rendered are based on the current scale of charges applied in Germany.